Drafting Design

BSD Building Services Drafting has industry experience and civil design expertise, we can provide the following quality drafting services:​​

  • Paper sketches/mark-ups into CAD,

  • Architectural Plans & Details.

  • Plumbing & Drainage Plans & details.

  • Electrical, Security & Fire Block Plans & Details.

  • Civil Plans & Details.

  • Fire Services Plans & Details.

  • Spatial Management Plans (Department of Defense requirements).


All plans & details meet Australian Standards & Local Government requirements. Please refer to our Portfolio for examples of works completed. All plans use standard fonts, text sizes, arrow styles & details. Personal company logos will be used for a professional finish and to promote your business for future works.

Previous clients include: 

  • Australian Department of Defense.

  • International Commercial Builder.

  • Local Architect & Builder.

  • Various Local Governments.

  • News Publications.



As built (also known as As-Constructed) drawings record the final completed construction details, sizes & locations of all building elements and provide the building owner with up to date building information for their occupants. As Built drawings often vary from the initial design documentation and their accuracy is what is relied on for ongoing scheduled maintenance, or for designing redevelopments and extensions. Well documented As-built drawings can lead to return business for your company through professional drawings that display your company logo.

All drawings will meet Australian and Local Government Standards, as well as utilise any legends from the design drawings. As-built drawings can be provided for the following services:​

  • Plumbing & Drainage.

  • Electrical, Security & Fire Block Plans.

  • Mechanical & HVAC.

  • Civil & External Works.

  • Fire Services.


With experience working in engineering design & within commercial building we understand the requirements and importance of these drawings to complete contractual requirements. For your As-Built drawing requirements, please contact BSD Building Services Drafting by phoning: 0403 320 937 or e-mail:

Operational & Maintenance Manuals


Commercial Building contracts will require Sub-contractors to submit an Operational & Maintenance Manual on completion of their works. This can contain vital information regarding construction & finishing materials, equipment sizes, locations, serial numbers, maintenance schedules and calibration & test certificates. 


BSD Building Services Drafting can help you compile, print and deliver your O&M Manuals, ensuring no vital piece of information is missing. All Manuals will be compiled to meet your project specifications meeting your contractual requirements. Delaying the submission of your manual can cause delays to your payments and release of retentions.


Operational & Maintenance Manuals can be compiled for the following:​

  • Electrical & Security.

  • Mechanical & HVAC.

  • Fire Services.

  • Commercial Builders.

  • Print & Delivery.


BSD Building Services Drafting can arrange handover of your drawings and documentation in PDF, through drop box or by USB key and in high quality print A0-A3 and delivered to your office or site.

For your next drafting project, please contact BSD Building Services Drafting by phoning 
0403 320 937 or e-mail